NVision’s professional partners and affiliated trainers are comprised of some best and brightest young Native and non-Native peoples in the country.

These individuals are comprised of award-winning artists and respected professionals in their fields of expertise. Each has a proven and dynamic track record of working with Native youth and communities across the United States and internationally.

Each of NVision’s partners are committed to creating opportunities to support and nurture a new generation of Native leadership and to support the development of cutting edge projects and programming that give a voice to contemporary issues and cultural and artistic expression that represents Native values, perspectives and realities.

Our trainers have included:

David Bernie (Yankton Sioux)

Anthony “Thosh” Collins (Salt River Pima-Maricopa)

Darren Alexander Cole 

Myron Dewey (Paiute/Shoshone)

Bunky Echo-Hawk (Pawnee)

Jeremy Fields “Meta” (Pawnee, Crow)

Happy Frejo (Pawnee, Seminole)

John Paul Giago

Marcus Guinn “Emcee One” (Osage, Potawatomi)

Sterlin Harjo (Seminole, Mvskogee)

Alyssa Macy (Wasco, Navajo, Hopi)

Thomas Marcus “Breeze” (Salt River Pima-Maricopa)

Jenni Monet (Laguna)

Quese IMC (Pawnee, Seminole)

Tracy Rector (Seminole)

Ryan Redcorn (Osage)

Missy Whiteman (Arapaho, Kickapoo)

Bobby Wilson (Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota)