NVision Projects

NVision is committed to supporting the development and implementation of the following groundbreaking special project:

The dynamic and interactive NVision Tour will be a multi-faceted project that will showcase different traditional and contemporary genres of Native music; film; visual and performing arts; culture; media; and youth leadership and wellness workshops. Mediums such as hip hop, media, and popular culture which are omni-present in mainstream society will be used as a means to raise consciousness, empower, inspire, and create dialogue with Native youth about ways to realize their visions for success, leadership, and wellbeing within a context of cultural pride for their respective Native identities, cultural values, and communities.

The primary goals of the NVision Tour are to:

1. Empower and inspire Native youth to establish and realize their own personal vision for leadership, holistic wellness, and success in their own lives and for their communities and Nations.

2. Raise awareness of local and national Native leadership about the issues impacting Native youth and the need to invest in our youth as the future leaders of tomorrow.

3. Educate and inspire Native youth and young adults to pursue and participate in various forms of traditional and contemporary Native music, art, culture, and media as a means to express their cultural identities, voices, stories, struggles, and histories.

4. Build inter-generational local and national partnerships with Native communities and established leadership in Indian Country to facilitate the creation of resources, opportunities, education, training, and mentoring for Native youth for future NVision projects and initiatives.

The NVision Tour will travel to Native Reservations and cities with urban Indian populations in order to promote a message of the importance of our Native youth, holistic wellbeing, our cultures, and the importance in investing in the potential of these emerging generations as our future leaders of tomorrow. NVision will use Native hip hop, traditional and contemporary Native arts and culture, media, and interactive youth leadership and wellness workshops as a means by which to express this message and engage youth and communities in dialogues about issues impacting them. It will also be a means to raise consciousness and empower Native youth to pursue healthy lifestyles, celebrate and express their identities, culture, and visions and goals as individuals and members of their respective Native communities and Nations.

NVision will work with tribal youth program directors, youth councils, organizations, schools, and tribal and community leadership to build support for the tour visit and to identify specific issues that may be impacting youth in each community. NVision will also work with local youth and adult support staff and volunteers to incorporate local performers, Elders, and other community members into the day of activities and events. Local youth and organizers will be invited to submit input into the tour agenda so that relevant and entertaining cultural and social activities developed by the community may also be included (i.e. hand games, basketball shooting contests, community meals, cultural presentations by youth, Elders, and/or community members, etc.). NVision will also provide marketing and promotions support to these communities via the provision NVision posters, flyers, and the Internet in order to invite youth and adults from the host community, and surrounding reservation and urban communities to participate in the event. The event will be free of charge and youth participants will receive a range of free NVision Tour goodies such as t-shirts, DVDs, stickers, CDs, posters, and more.

The tour will feature several core strategies and components that will be implemented over the course of the training, typically 1-2 days, that include:

Power of Vision Youth Leadership and Wellness Workshops.

The Impact of Native Film and Multi-Media in Indian Country Panel Discussions

NVision & Celebrate Our Youth Community Concert

Hands-On Youth Art, Multi-media, and Cultural Workshops Native Art & Multi-Media Shows

Featuring Contemporary Native Artists