NVision Programs

NVision is committed to raising political, social, and cultural CONSCIOUSNESS of current and emerging generations of young Native peoples and promoting INFORMED and INNOVATIVE ACTION.

NVision is a collective of dynamic Native men and women professionals, ages 25-40, involved in arts, multi-media, film, youth leadership development, Indian education, politics/community organizing, fundraising, community development, and music, who have banded together to develop innovative and cutting edge projects and programming that will:

1. Empower and promote the well-being of Native youth and young adults.

2. Promote a new generation of dynamic Native leadership in the arts, media, cultural revitalization, entertainment, education, and community development who are committed to protecting and exerting Native sovereignty and the traditional and contemporary cultural lifeways of Native Nations and peoples.

3. Raise consciousness about political, cultural, and social issues impacting Indian Country, and help give a voice to current and new generations of young Native peoples.

4. Support the development and dissemination of innovative and ground-breaking projects by up and coming Native youth and young adults in the areas of visual and performing arts, culture, education, community development, media, film, and research.

5. Build networks of communication, shared resources, and mutual support between emerging and established Native leadership from a variety of backgrounds, and with Native Nations and organizations that share a positive vision for Native youth and Indian Country.