NVision featured in the Boston Globe

Sol Guy understands why people are skeptical of charities endorsed by celebrities. “A lot of times, a famous face is slapped on a cause without any real connection,” said the host of “4Real,” a new TV show combining celebrity and social change. “Young people aren’t buying the Sally Struthers commercial anymore.” The half-hour show, which airs Sundays on the CW network, follows stars such as Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, Flea, Mos Def, and Casey Affleck as they travel to remote locations to meet with locals tackling tough problems. “We don’t pay these people and we tell them they can bring one friend – no entourage, and no hair and makeup,” Guy told us. “Also, 50 percent of the show’s profits go to the local initiatives.” In Affleck’s case, the actor visited the Pawnee reservation (above) in Oklahoma. (Casey’s married to Summer Phoenix, sister of “4Real” executive producer Joaquin Phoenix.) In the episode, airing Dec. 7, Affleck meets with Crystal Echo Hawk, whose organization NVision helps develop young Native leaders. What about that mohawk he was sporting? “It was for a movie,” said Guy, laughing. “The Pawnee teased him a bit. They said this isn’t Mohawk territory. It was all in fun.”

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