Missy Whiteman, NVision Trainer, seeks support for production of “The Coyote Way”

The Coyote Way is a modern trickster story about a young Coyote and his time traveling bicycle. As told in the original form of Coyote stories each short video is interwoven into a greater story. Coyote Pup takes a journey on his bike through a vivid dream like travel though a city filled with music, dance and colorful characters.

As he discovers his way, Coyote Pup finds that he is not alone, but in the presence of other tricksters disguised as shape shifting people who cross his path. Raven, Iktomi and Nanaboozo want Coyote Pup’s special bicycle, and will do anything to steal it from him.

Coyote Pup is soon faced with promises of false dreams, hopes, desires of materialism and must decide what path he must follow.

I would like to share this exciting and amazing journey with you and ask for your financial support, so The Coyote Way can come to life. The budget for the entire movie is, $98,000.00 and it will cover ALL of the production cost and all donations for the project are tax deductible as well.

What am I supporting you might ask? You will be helping to further the careers emerging Native American talent and movie production crew. As well as helping to revitalize traditional stories and teachings though film and video.

As my way of saying thank you for your donation, you will receive a special gift(s) based on the amount of your donation.


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