NVision is committed to the development of Native youth leadership and traditional and contemporary expressions of art, culture, education, and media from a Native core and perspective. To this end, NVision will promote the development of a new generation of Native leaders, artists, educators, and activists within a context of respect and understanding for traditional Native lifeways, sovereignty, community, and importance of holistic wellbeing. NVision will strive to empower Native youth and young adults on a local and national level to become leaders and culture bearers of tomorrow that will help to preserve and strengthen our Native cultures and Nations for generations to come.

NVision’s mission is to support the development of Native leadership and expressions of media, art, and culture that give a voice to past, present, and future experiences and struggles of Native peoples and contribute to positive initiatives rooted in the values and needs of Native communities. NVision is committed to providing Native youth and young adults with skills, knowledge, cultural understanding, and wellbeing that will support their development as the next generation of tribal and community leaders, educators, and artists. Our organization believes that we must equip emerging and future leaders to walk in two worlds. NVision will develop youth leadership that is rooted within their respective Native identities, cultures and values, while at the same time equipping them with skills, tools, knowledge, and wellbeing that enables them to be effective leaders and voices for their communities in the 21st century. NVision will primarily target Native youth and young adults ages 12-30 years of age at a national level for program initiatives.

NVision will also have a strong commitment to raising political, social, and cultural CONSCIOUSNESS of current and emerging generations of young Native peoples and promoting INFORMED and INNOVATIVE ACTION. NVision will therefore strive to support young and emerging independent Native voices and innovative projects that will serve to raise consciousness and contribute to positive, empowered, and accurate contemporary perspectives and understanding of Native issues, struggles, and experiences within and outside of Indian Country.

To this end, NVision will develop and implement the following programming and projects:

1. Empower and promote the well-being of Native youth and young adults.

2. Promote a new generation of dynamic Native leadership in the arts, media, cultural revitalization, entertainment, education, and community development who are committed to protecting and exerting Native sovereignty and the traditional and contemporary cultural lifeways of Native Nations and peoples.

3. Raise consciousness about political, cultural, and social issues impacting Indian Country, and help give a voice to current and new generations of young Native peoples.

4. Support the development and dissemination of innovative and ground-breaking projects by up and coming Native youth and young adults in the areas of visual and performing arts, culture, education, community development, media, film, and research.

5. Build networks of communication, shared resources, and mutual support between emerging and established Native leadership from a variety of backgrounds, and with Native Nations and organizations that share a positive vision for Native youth and Indian Country.

NVision has an Advisory Board that provides oversight and guidance on its development, projects, and programming. Board members are comprised of highly successful individuals from a variety of philanthropic, Native youth, Indian Education, and cultural activism backgrounds who are committed to the vision and mission of NVision.