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4REAL Series premiers in the US on CWTV – 4REAL Pawnee Nation airs October 19

In August 2007, the TV series 4REAL joined NVision Tour stop at the Pawnee Nation with actor Casey Affleck. 4REAL is a series of half-hour television shows that take celebrity guests on adventures around the world to connect with young leaders who, under extreme circumstances, are affecting real change.

NVision Founder and President, Crystal Echo Hawk, was chosen as one of the young leaders to be highlighted in the series and saw this as an important opportunity to highlight the work on the organization and the youth that the organization works with.

“Our work with 4REAL and Casey Affleck was truly an amazing and special experience. This was not only an amazing opportunity to showcase the work of NVision but more importantly put a national and international spotlight on our Native youth and the issues they ar dealing with. Unfortunately, our Native youth and the challenges they are confronting are usually invisible to the general public,” stated Crystal Echo Hawk. “4REAL gave our young people an important platform to express themselves in terms of not only their challenges, but also their hopes, needs and dreams. We are forever grateful to 4REAL and the series producers Sol Guy, Josh Thome and Shoshana Guy and Casey Affleck for believing in NVision and our Native youth.”

The series has already aired globally on National Geographic and MTV Canada. Cast for Season 1 includes Cameron Diaz, Mos Def, Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, Casey Affleck and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 4REAL Pawnee will premiere this coming Sunday October 19 at 5:30pm on CWTV. 4REAL Pawnee will repeat on Sunday October 26 at 5pm and on Sunday December 7 at 5pm.

4REAL online at: http://www.4REAL.com
4REAL on CWTV: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/4-real
4REAL-NVision profile: http://www.4REAL.com/profile.asp?p=crystal

4REAL Pawnee Nation Promo

NVision Pawnee Nation Student Film

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