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NVision Tour: Spotlight on Native Youth Hollywood Actor & TV Series Turn Lens on Native Youth Event


CONTACT: Crystal Echo Hawk
Tel: 303.895.0995
Email: nvision@pawneestar.com

PAWNEE, OK-More than 85 Pawnee and Native youth participating in the NVision Tour youth event at the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend received a very special surprise when a celebrity guest arrived to partake in the festivities.

Actor Casey Affleck, a star from the upcoming film “Ocean’s Thirteen,” and an international TV Series “4 Real” arrived to cover the multi-media, arts, music and cultural event designed to promote leadership development for Native youth and young adults. The innovative Native youth event was organized by NVision, a national Native non-profit organization and affiliate project of the Seventh Generation Fund. NVision is comprised of some of the country’s leading young Native professionals and visual and performing artists.

NVision was selected by 4Real producers to be featured in a series of eight, half-hour television shows that take celebrity guests on adventures around the world to connect with young leaders who, according to 4Real Producers “under extreme circumstances, are affecting REAL change. These are the REAL heroes of our time.”

Casey Affleck is among other celebrity guests including Mos Def, Joaquin Phoenix, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Cameron Diaz who have visited or will visit communities all over the world to learn about young leaders, like those of NVision. The series will air this fall in Canada on MTV and producers are also seeking distribution in the U.S. and internationally as well.

Affleck, 4Real Host Sol Guy and 4 Real’s camera crew spent the weekend with NVision members and Native youth participating in the NVision Tour multi-media and visual and performing arts workshops. Native youth spent much of Saturday attending workshops in filmmaking, music, dance, photography, visual arts, and leadership and culture.

Workshops led by NVision trainers not only gave Native youth a taste of basic skills in multi-media and visual and performing arts but also focused on the importance of celebrating Native identity, history, language and culture through contemporary and traditional forms of artistic expression. NVision trainers emphasized a message to Native youth of the importance of wellness, empowerment, leadership and the ability to successfully “walk in two worlds.”

NVision youth participants, Affleck, 4Real and the local community were also treated to a series of community and cultural events including a dance sponsored by NVision Friday night honoring Native high school graduates.

On Saturday evening, NVision held a community dinner and concert at the Pawnee Nation gym. The concert centered around a showcase of youth-produced pieces including a short film, murals, music, dance and photography created during the NVision Tour workshops. Nationally acclaimed Native hip hop, funk, folk/rock and traditional musical artists also performed at the concert.

A painting created by the young acclaimed Pawnee/Yakima artist and NVision member Bunky Echo-Hawk was created live on-stage during the concert. Upon its completion Casey Affleck and 4Real Host Sol Guy both autographed the painting. NVision will conduct on online raffle for the painting from June1-15th on its website at www.nvisionit.org. Raffle proceeds will go towards creating an NVision scholarship for the Pawnee Nation College.
NVision hopes to take the NVision Tour to reservations and cities nationwide in the coming year. The non-profit organization is currently fundraising and seeking sponsorships for the NVision Tour. For more information contact 303.886.3859.

NVision Tour | Pawnee, May 25-26

MAY 25-26, 2007

PAWNEE, OK-On Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th, NVision, a national Native non-profit organization and affiliate project of the Seventh Generation Fund, will be hosting a free, two-day youth cultural and multi-media event at the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma . The event seeks to empower Native youth through education and an intergenerational celebration of traditional and contemporary Native American arts, culture and multi-media geared to empowering some of tomorrow’s future leaders of Indian Country. The NVision Tour will bring some Native America’s hottest young visual, music, and media artists to rural Oklahoma for a weekend-long series of youth and community events.

An all ages dance honoring Native American high school graduates is scheduled for Friday night. On Saturday, a day of workshop sessions are scheduled with an aim to empower today’s Native youth through leadership development, wellness, culture and media arts. NVision partners who represent today’s young Native professionals will host the workshops including film-making, photography, graphic design, mural painting and music composition and recording.

The NVision Tour will host a community dinner Saturday evening at 6:30 at the Pawnee Nation Campgrounds followed by a live concert at 7:30 at the Pawnee Nation Wellness Center. The dynamic and interactive stage show comprised of traditional and contemporary Native music will feature Pawnee’s own acclaimed hip-hop artists, Quese Imc, Happy Frejo, Meta and Culture Shock Camp in addition to Ryan Red Corn (Osage), a folk/rock artist and Native flutist Myron Dewey. A painting created by acclaimed artist Bunky Echo-Hawk during the concert will be raffled off to create an NVision scholarship for the Pawnee Nation College.

The event is free, but youth must register to participate in workshops running from noon-5:30pm. For more information on the NVision Tour visit www.nivisionit.org. Registration packets can also be signed and filled out at Pawnee Nation College beginning Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007. For more information, please contact Crystal at 303.895.0995.

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